SailMail via Iridium GO! Mobile Hotspot

Date: 21 Feb 2024 08:20:49 -0000

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The Iridium GO! is a portable satellite terminal that provides Iridium voice and data access via Wifi connections to smart-phones, tablets and computers. Specialized apps or software are required, and while marketed primarily for phones and tablets the GO! works perfectly with SailMail from a PC using an updated version of Airmail for SailMail.

SailMail is now a certified application for the Iridium GO!. The updated software is available from the SailMail website at

To connect to SailMail via the Iridium GO!, first update Airmail to version 3.5 if needed. Be sure the GO! is powered on and has a clear view of the sky, and connect the computer’s Wifi networking to “Iridium-xxxx” where “xxxx” is the serial# associated with your GO! device.

Start Airmail, open the Internet window (lightning-bolt icon on the toolbar), check the “First connect to” box and select “Iridium GO!” from the available networks.

If the login name and password for the GO! have been changed (see below) then click the “Iridium GO! Setup” button and enter the correct User Name and Password (default is “guest” and “guest”).

To connect, check that Airmail is communicating with the GO! and shows a 5-bar signal (“5/5” on the status display). Then click the green “Connect” button, Airmail will first connect the GO! to the internet and then to the SailMail server and proceed the same as with a direct internet connection. Airmail automatically disconnects when finished, verify the “Disconnect” status on the internet-window status bar.

If you have internet access, click here for a short video that shows the steps to install Airmail and connect via the GO!. And click here for a second video shows how to request and display a “grib” weather-data file.

Voice calls are made from a Wifi-connected smart-phone using the “Iridium GO!” app for iPhone and Android, see the respective app store. Multiple devices can be connected via Wifi, but only one device can be active at a time with a satellite connection (voice or data). Airmail will show “GO Busy” and disables the connect button if another device is using the satellite link.

The Iridium-GO! settings can be accessed from the Iridium-GO! phone or tablet app, or via a web browser to The various features such as “SOS” mode, tracking, etc. can all be set up there. There are also default firewall settings, these are not used for SailMail. In a marina or other environment where others may be within Wifi range of your GO! device, consider changing the login name and password (under “User management”, in Advanced settings for the Iridium app). Don’t forget to also change it in Airmail’s settings (Internet window, “Iridium GO settings” button when connect-first is checked and Iridium-GO! is selected).

Airtime plans are available from the usual providers. The GO! plans are different from the traditional Iridium handset plans, and data is priced at half the traditional cost, or less. Two basic types of plans are available: Prepaid, such as the popular 500 minute/12-month plan, the GO! version provides 1000 data min’s or some combination. The other option is a post-paid or contract plan including an unlimited-data plan for around $150/month which would be attractive for serious users. Some plans include bundled software or internet access, but there is no need for anything else in order to access SailMail- an airtime plan is all that is needed.

At this time the same message size and attachment limits apply to radio and internet connections, to protect radio usage. (“Internet” connections here also include satellite connections, including the GO!). Usage via internet is unlimited but of course any satellite airtime charges apply. Message size and attachment limits are higher for internet-only users, and we are working towards being able to deliver larger messages and attachments via internet and satellite links while continuing to protect radio connections.

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