Accessing Sailmail from an iPad or iPhone

General information on accessing Sailmail via internet is available by sending a blank email to: (or via the web at, and more info on POP3 email connections is available by sending a blank email to: (or htp://

The following information covers setting up an iPad or iPhone to access Sailmail's email servers:

1. If this is the first mail account you're setting up then tap "Mail".
Otherwise, from the Home screen tap "Settings" then "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" and find "Accounts" and click "Add Account".

2. The next page is a list of useless accounts, select "Other", then "Add Mail Account".

3. In the "Name" box enter your name or boat-name, in the "Address" enter your complete Sailmail email-address, for "Password" enter your Sailmail internet password (in your Welcome message), "Description" can be your email address or "Sailmail". Click "Next" (or Save).

4. On the next page you have a choice of IMAP or POP, select "POP" (POP3).
Under "Incoming Mail Server", for Host Name enter "" (without quotes),
for User Name enter your Sailmail callsign (without the ""),
"Password" should already be entered.

5. Scroll down to "Outgoing Mail Server" and for Host Name enter "",
for User Name enter the same callsign and password as above for POP.
Then click "Save". You will need to finish SMTP settings, (7) below.

5. If you see an error "Cannot connect using SSL" then click "Yes" to try without SSL.
You may still see an error, go ahead and save and then check advanced settings:

6. To finish SMTP settings, click on the "Sailmail" account to open settings,
click "SMTP" to open SMTP settings.
Check that Primary Server "" is set "on", then click that to
open those settings and check SSL off, Authentication "Password", Server port 2525.

7. If you have problems checking incoming mail, then open the "Sailmail" account and scroll down and click on "Advanced". SSL should be off, Authentication should be "Password", Server port 110.

revised 2015-03-15 jec