Sailmail Stations Update (2019-12-22)

If you received this via Airmail and clicked "yes" in the query-
box (recommended), then this message will update Airmail's station
settings for Sailmail.

Internet and Satellite access:
For internet/telnet via sat phones or terminals we recommend using
the numberic IP address for faster access. Airmail ver 3.5 will
be updated by this note.

For earlier Airmail versions, open Airmail's internet window
(lightning-bolt button), select "WRD719", click "settings",
find "Remote Host" and verify:
For backup servers see the list below... format is Remote callsign,
remote host, port#.

Old news:

SMTP Password: For email access via POP3/SMTP, the outgoing-mail
(SMTP) password is the same as for incoming mail (POP3) and Airmail
internet access. For details on internet access send a (blank)
email to:

Iridium GO!: Sailmail is a certified as an Irdium GO! application.
For details send a (blank) email to:
For access via Iridium sat phones,

Other items:
If your radio connections are slow when receiving, then you likely
have a problem with electrical interference--
For more info send a (blank) email to:
Similarly, for slow transmit, send an email to:

Also remember that all Sailmail radio channels accommodate one user
at a time, and are shared with your fellow members. Those folks are
your friends, so LISTEN carefully to the frequency before connecting
to the station. Just like voice, if the channel is busy then you
need to wait for a clear channel, or try another.

Info about grib weather-data files is available from Saildocs,
send a (blank) email to:
And for spot-forecasts,

And to receive the latest version of this update file at any time,
send an email to:

Any of these bulletins can also be viewed on the web, for example:

And finally, for problems or questions send us a note at:

Good Sailing!

-------File: Sailmail0.txt 2019/12/24 01:10-----------------
>[Internet Gateway]
>[Station Info]
>WQLI952=CM96av:Watsonville CA;P3,Ro;California
>WQAB964=DM12jr:San Diego;P3,Ro;So. California
>KZN508=EM94lx:Rock Hill SC;P3,Ro;South Carolina
>VZX=QF67ju:Darawank NSW;P3,Ro;New South Wales, Australia
>RC01=KG32qn:Africa;P3,Ro;South Africa
>KUZ533=BL11bh:Honolulu HI;P3,Ro;Hawaii
>WHV382=CN88lm:Friday Harbor WA;P3,Ro;Washington State
>V8V2222=OJ74fs:Brunei;P3,Ro;Brunei Darussalam
>XJN714=FN74uj:Lunenburg NS;P3,Ro;Nova Scotia, Canada
>WPTG385=EL17iq:Corpus Christi;P3,Ro;Texas
>OSY=JO11pg:Belgium;P3,Ro;Brugge Belgium
>HPPM1=EJ88rk:Panama;P3,Ro;Volcan, Panama
>HPPM2=EJ88ss:Panama-2;P3,Ro;Palmira, Panama
>CEV773=FF30pf:Chile;P3,Ro;Los Lagos, Chile
>9Z4DH=FK90eo:Trinidad;P3,Ro;Chaguaramas, Trinidad
>FOHXM=BH65xm:Manihi;P3,Ro;Manihi, Tuamotus
>[Frequency List]
-------end of Sailmail0.txt Check=8c7db27ed6----------------